NSL League Rules for 2022/2023 Season


  1. Each team will be allowed 5 substitutes every game and can use 5 substitutes BUT not roll on roll off.

  2. If a club is sine die and the fine has not been paid by 48hrs before a game, then the game and referee will be withdrawn, and the club will be charged with failure to fulfil match.

  3. If a team do not have a fixture allocated for a Saturday, they must not stand their players down until the Fixtures Secretary has contacted them on the Thursday night 8pm prior to the game. If you see that there is no fixture for your team do NOT presume that a fixture will not be allocated to you.

  4. Failure to provide a team sheet before game fine up to £25

  5. Failure to produce and submit match day programme (Premier Division only) fine up to £20

  6. Failure to provide hospitality (Premier Division only) fine up to £25

  7. Promotion from Division 1 to Premier division must be able to meet Regional NLS Feeder League (previously Step 7) minimum grading requirements including having dug outs.



    • The Technical Area extends 1m on either side of the designated seating area and extends forward up to 1m from the touchline. The designated seating should be a minimum of 6m wide.

    • Only 8 people will be allowed in the Technical Area. All occupants of the Technical Area should be identified before the beginning of the match in accordance with the Competition Rules. Only one person at a time is authorised to convey tactical instructions and they must return to their position after giving these instructions. Technical Areas must be clearly identified with white lines. All technical areas to be inside the prescribed field of play boundary, the front edge must be at least 1 meter from the touchline.

    • Technical area occupants shall include 5 substitutes, 1 manager/coach, 1 assistant manager/coach and 1 physio.

    • No spectators including children shall be allowed in the technical area.

    • It shall be deemed an offence for any person to leave the technical area.

    • Any breach of these rules will be reported by the match official(s) after the game.

    • Failure to adhere to technical area rules fine up to £25


The field of play in all divisions shall be roped off entirely. The ropes being at least four feet from the boundary lines.