Covid - 19
Remember  to use the NHS QR code for every Training Session and Matches

Covid Procedure


1. As soon as your aware of an issue within your team contact Covid Officer Amanda Rowbotham 07847896826  to seek advice.


2. Depending on the amount of people being told to isolate due to being in contact or having/receiving a test will depend on if your club can continue or any fixtures need to be cancelled.


3. You will need to issue proof for all your isolating and test cases to the league for cancellation purposes. 


4. Amanda will alert the league officials if a cancellation is advised and the fixture secretary will postpone where necessary.


5. Remember, football if adhering to all the guidelines in place means even if a case presents itself within your team you should be at low risk catching the virus, but you MUST be extra careful and proceed with caution making sure all your team is taking it extremely seriously.

Any concerns please get in touch with League Covid Officer Amanda Rowbotham